C2C Homes. Time Matters.

The C2C design-build process decreases construction time by up to 75%. A custom-designed modern home built using traditional methods can take one, two or even three years to design and construct. A pre-designed C2C home, even with personalized finishes and some customization, can be built in as little as six months. By working smarter with standardized design modules and an extensive background in Hawaii home-building, C2C’s designers can get the home of your dreams designed and permited in record time...and then the real time saving begins.

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C2C Saves Time By Working Smarter. Getting You in Your Dream Home Sooner
And Saving You 20-40% off of a Traditionally Built Modern Home.

How?Predesigned, customizible home plans reduce design time by 75% or more
Parallel development reduces waiting for permits, waiting for foundations, waiting for weather—all of which reduces carrying costs, construction loan costs and the cost of temporary housing
Most fabrication occurs in a controlled workshop—more efficient than site construction,fewer labor hours, less waste


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Multi-tasking—Your Phone Does it, Your Builder Should too

Multi-tasking, multi-threading, parrallel effort—whatever you call it, working on multiple fronts is the modern way of getting things done. Though linearity is a truly an artifact of a dying age, traditional construction methods remain entrenched in this protocol of the past: design, permit, prep site, pour foundation, frame, etc. ...in that order, only in that order, and don’t move too fast!

The C2C process covers all the same requirements, but approaches the problem from a truly modern point of view—and as with most good ideas, the premise is very simple—we can save significant time (and money) throughout your project by working smarter and in multiple areas in parallel.

We Started Designing Your House Ten Years Ago

Having designed and built hundreds of homes in Hawaii, the team at C2C knows what customers want. We use this experience and insight to give clients a headstart on the design process; using the eight pre-designed C2C Models as a baseline, we can quickly generate plans for permitting without the traditional rounds of concepting. Simply choose an exsiting design and select fixtures and finishes, or, use C2C’s pre-designed models as inspiration for a custom modern home—either way, because we’ve optimized our plans and we know what both clients and building inspectors are looking for, you avoid frustrating delays during design and permitting.

Instead of Waiting, Let’s Get Working!

Unlike traditional construction where the home-building process screaches to a halt while plans await approval, the C2C Process allows for continuous productivity even while the wheels of government slowly turn. The moment design is complete, C2C can immediately start building your home in our fabrication facility. Because we’re not erecting a structure on the homesite itself until much later in the process, we need not wait for the building permit to be issued.

Stand Back, We Know What We’re Doing

C2C Homes spring from the ground like a tropical plant—quickly and beautifully. As soon as permits have been obtained, work can start with site prep and foundations. Once the foundation is ready and prefabrication is complete, a C2C Home frame can be assembled, waterproof and ready for finishing within 7 days.

Time is Money, Your Money!

With our process you capture savings that just wouldn’t exist with traditional construction. By completing your home in 25-50% of the time, you save on carrying costs, construction loan interest, temporary housing and labor costs. Additionally, you save money by using fewer subcontractors, taking advantage of C2C’s volume discounts on materials and lower insurance-related costs as the majority of the fabrication/construction takes place in our workshop and not out on an open build site. Plain and simple, with a C2C Home, you’ll be in your house sooner, with more money in your pocket, than you ever could for a similarly designed stick-built home.