C2C Homes. Design Matters.

Though we love to share the efficiency and effectiveness of our process, the aesthetic of the C2C Home is where our passion truly lies. Inspired by the purity of modernism yet informed by years of building vibrant, livable dwellings, C2C Homes are warm, inviting, stunning celebrations of the pacific lifestyle. Wedding form and function, the engineering of each C2C Model offers remarkably expanded interior spaces full of natural light. By utilizing high-strength materials and precision fabrication techniques, these homes blur the lines between indoors and out, Bauhaus and Craftsman, house and paradise...

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C2C Homes are Beautiful Examples of Modern Design—Crisp, Clean and Airy.
Completely Customizable, C2C Models are Far More than Just Building Blocks.

How?Pick from Eight C2C Models.
Once You’ve Selected a Model, finalizing the Design is as simple as choosing fixtures and finishes, or ...
Work with our designers to personalize your plans by pulling inspiration from more than one C2C Model
With hundreds of homes under our belt, we’ve seen what you want and can make it a reality in a C2C Home.


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Modern Homes, not Modern Museums

While we value the spirit and principles of Modernism, we despise the notion that a modern home need be austere or cold. C2C Homes might be called ‘Pacific’ modernist homes; modern design saturated with the vibrance and vitality of the islands we call home. All steel construction affords incredbile flexibility in design—allowing for huge expanses of open space, oversized windows and large wall openings—expanding interior spaces and inviting our breath-taking Hawaii outdoors in.

C2C takes pride in an efficiency and elegance of design. Integrating form and function, our designs aim to establish a comfortable modernity—an aesthetic and experience saturated in open spaces and crisp lines, but with a bit more warmth and intimacy than you might normally expect.

Designed to Live With Your Lifestyle

Advanced engineering, precision fabrication and modern materials offer more than time and cost savings. Our tools and techniques allow C2C Homes to do things that no ‘normal’ home would ever be capable of. Built-in furniture, reconfigurable rooms, moveable walls, expansion points, interchangeable panelized elements combine to create a highly practical, adaptible and rewarding home. Whether your adjusting for a growing family or simply keeping your home fresh, C2C Homes are designed to accomodate your lifestyle, now, and into the future.

An example of this unique adaptability - some of the smaller C2C homes are expressly designed to be added on to - start with a 1000 square foot one bedroom C2C Home and as budgets, needs and families grow, we've already designed multiple easy to implement additions. Have the peace of mind that you can add a second floor, a guest bedroom, a nursery to your design now, but only install it once you need it.

Trim the Fat, Leave the Good Stuff

While C2C Homes generally cost 20-40% less than similarly designed stick-built homes, it should be very clear that these are not ‘inexpensive’ houses. The fit and finish of a C2C Home is assuredly premium-grade, but the efficiency of our design, fabrication and installation process allows us to offer such high design at a lower cost. In short, the C2C Process allows you to spend where you want to—don’t skimp on fixutres and finishing, let us squeeze the savings out for you.

It’s Not Too Late!

If you’ve already completed the design process with another architect you can still use our building process to save time during the construction phase and get an improved structure that is fire, hurricane and termite proof.

Even if you already own a home and are just looking to remodel, C2C Homes act as an incredible catalyst for freshening existing architecture. With pre-designed spaces and workshop-built modules, you can add on with a minimum of disruption to your daily life. Instead of opening your home to the elements for months at a time as a traditional remodel would, with a C2C remodel, once design and fabrication is complete, we can make your addition water-tight in a matter of days.