C2C Homes. Health Matters.

Sustainability is paramount worldwide, but especially so in Hawaii. With limited natural resources, heavy energy dependence and high population density, our state needs to be much more environmentally aware. C2C homes are part of a sustainable future—from their recylced materials and responsible construction methods to their benefits for the environment and the health of the people living in them—C2C homes are energy efficient, striking models of what a modern home should be.

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C2C Homes are Healthier for You, Your Family and Hawaii!

How?The C2C Process produces far less waste than traditional onsite construction
Using standardized dimensions, C2C Homes make the most efficient use of healthy materials
Insulated roofs and walls along with smartly designed windows makes for cool, efficient and comfortable spaces
C2C Homes are virtually free of indoor air pollution by using low- or no-VOC paints and stains, and low VOC millwork


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Waste Not...

The C2C Process produces far less waste than traditional onsite construction. With most of our fabrication taking place in a workshop, we can standardize our techniques and the dimensions of our products to make the most efficient use of materials. This saves material, money and time. While up to 40% of the material used to construct a traditional stick-built home ends up in a landfill, the C2C Process generates only about 2% waste. In addition to prodcing substantially less construction waste, the C2C process also greatly reduces the air and noise pollution usually involved in transporting building materials, laborers and machinery to a traditional home site.

Responisble, Recyclable Materials

We use steel not only for it’s strength but also because it is an easily recycleable material. Any waste we produce can be recycled and reused in the process of creating more steel products. 

Cool House, Happy House

While a C2C Home would look great anywhere, they are optimized for Hawaii. With year-round sunshine and high temperatures, a primary goal is to keep our homes cool and comfortable in the most elegant and efficient way possible. We start with a roof that has 2” of ridged polystyrene foam insulation board over a thermal reflection coated plywood board. Together these products reduce 95% of the heat that enters your home though your roof. We also use insulation in the walls to reduce heat gain. Additionally C2C Homes use large window and wall openings to take advantage of the passive cooling benefits of Hawaii’s trade winds.